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The Rhythm Child Drum to Become Early Child Development Program, in partnership with Volunteers of America, is addressing the need for equal opportunities in early education and bringing a different learning environment to frequently under-served communities.

Do you want to know ...

How you can support equal education for every young child?

What you can do to help low-income communities achieve greater levels of success?

Where you can go to directly influence the potential of our nation's youth?

Sponsor a School Music Program

Preschools in some of the wealthiest communities across the country have made an effort to add more musical enrichment to their classroom experience. Educators have also recognized the vital connection between rhythm and human brain development.

While working with hundreds of schools throughout California, Rhythm Child has been able to provide an effective program that easily integrates within all socioeconomic environments. Drum to Become takes into consideration the needs of the student, teacher & parent by combining varied areas of interest into one engaging opportunity which allows for experimentation, creative expression and critical thinking.

Instead of putting the burden on schools to find money in an already overstretched budget, Rhythm Child is creating a way for private funding to provide equal opportunities in education. The base cost to install the Drum to Become music program at a local preschool is Five Thousand Dollars and the initial goal is to first service all 25 Volunteer of America schools that currently work with Rhythm Child. Eventually Drum to Become would be available everywhere in California as well as the rest of the United States.

No sponsors are too small and none are too large ... there is a lot of work to be done! Help Rhythm Child & Volunteers of America address the need for equal opportunities in early education and bring a different learning environment to under-served communities across the Nation.

Rhythm Child is now working with Volunteers of America in the following communities:

Harbor City

Sun Valley



Los Angeles


North Hollywood



Long Beach


One School Sponsorship


Rhythm Child Drumming Workshops (4 x year)

World Music Exploration Library (CD Collection of Children's Music)

Engaging Children with Rhythm (Training Course for Adults)

On-Going Consultation with Drumming Facilitator Norm Jones

Say It & Play It (Classroom Music-Making Program)

Unusual Animals A-Z (Classroom Book-Reading Program)

Julie Faumuina, Director @ First Presbyterian Preschool (San Diego)

"One of my favorite aspects is the diversity – not ethnic diversity – rather the diverse way in which children experience Norm … visual, auditory, kinetic, etc

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Drum to Become ...

  • Reinforces the concept of grouping numbers & identifying patterns.
  • Allows for the development of phonic awareness through rhythmic phrases.
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination and body movement.
  • Introduces cultural diversity & world exploration.
  • Supports the lessons of positive social behavior.
  • Makes musical interaction accessible to anyone.

You Can Sponsor Rhythm Child's Early Education Program

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Call 310-575-9372 or send email to info@rhythmchild.net

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Arnie Duncan, Former United States Secretary of Education

“Providing all children, particularly those most at risk, with a quality preschool experience is one of the best investments our country can make".

Additional Information & Details


Volunteers of America provides hope to our children

To learn more about Volunteers of America ... click here

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Call 310-575-9372 or send email to info@rhythmchild.net

What is the Rhythm Child Method?

Rhythm Child creates an environment where children have the freedom to learn through their own perceptions. They are taken through simple drumming exercises that have varying points of emphasis so that each child can make it their own experience. This keeps the focus of engagement on the group but allows for individual moments of expression. The children willingly participate in a learning activity while they unknowingly develop key life skills that will prepare them for the future.

Why work with Rhythm Child?

Rhythm Child is an established brand in entertainment, education and social communities

Norm Jones is a leader for children of all ages, diverse cultural backgrounds & levels of need

Rhythm Child is a resource for thousands of highly motivated early child development professionals

Rhythm Child has an extensive list of featured appearances like the 2011 White House Easter Celebration

Norm Jones has 13 years of experience in the classroom serving more than 100,000 children under the age of 6

Norm Jones is a sought after speaker for thousands of parents & teachers looking for ways to inspire their children

Rhythm Child has received recognition from First Lady Michelle Obama for service to families from across the Nation

Rhythm Child creates award-winning children's music that is endorsed by parent & academic organizations

Rhythm Child has public performances to audiences of families that reach thousands each year

Rhythm Child has on-going national media exposure with Sirius Satellite Radio

The Disparity of Kindergarten Preparedness

Data taken from the National Center for Education Statistics clearly shows that children in higher income areas have better test scores that relate to kindergarten preparedness. Although government funded programs in early child education for low income families focus on the key components of literacy, numeracy and social/emotional development, the additional integration of music and critical thinking add a great deal to the learning environment and subsequent success in the classroom.

  • By age 3, a child's brain is already 80% developed; 90% by age 5
  • 4-year old children from low-income families are often 18 months behind other 4-year olds developmentally
  • More than 60% of low-income families have no books in their homes for children
  • Disadvantaged children who don't participate in high-quality early education programs are 50% more likely to be placed in special education, 25% more likely to drop out of school, 60% more likely to never attend college, 70% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime & 40% more likely to become a teen parent

The Need for Resources

There are over 2 million children receiving government funded Head Start or Public Pre-K educational instruction. With such a large number being served, the budgets of funding agencies are restricted to basic necessities and don’t allow for many ancillary tools of development. Because the money is being stretched as far as it can go, both children and teachers at the centers desperately need additional resources to keep up with the escalating standards of education in other communities.

  • There are 129,000 centers in the US providing Early Childhood Education
  • 39% of those centers receive Head Start or Public Pre-K funding
  • 84% of center-based teachers or caregivers participate in on-going professional development
  • Only 50% of those teachers receive financial support for professional development

The Disparity of State Test Scores

The latest results were released for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (a test given to 3.2 million public school students in California - grades 3 to 8 & also in the 11th grade) to try and measure the knowledge & skills a student needs in order to be on track for college or work after high school. Although the test is new and the scores are not that great across the board, the numbers show that both economics and race have a significant impact on the educational achievements of our children.

48% of all students tested met English language arts standards

  • 73% of Asian students reached the goal
  • 64% of White students reached the goal
  • 37% of Latino students reached the goal
  • 31% of Black students reached the goal

37% of all students tested met Math standards

  • 67% of Asian students reached the goal
  • 53% of White students reached the goal
  • 24% of Latino students reached the goal
  • 18% of Black students reached the goal

The top performing districts were in the wealthier areas of the state

The Solution for Creating Equal Opportunities

Organize direct funding to provide additional programs that have immediate impact

Connect teachers with resources that increase student engagement

Implement an accessible curriculum that integrates music & critical thinking into the classroom

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On a Personal Note ...

Back in the 50's my namesake, Norman Vincent Peale, wrote in the first sentence of his ground-breaking book The Power of Positive Thinking to; “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” I have tried to live up to those words every day of my life and I believe that what I’ve done in hundreds of preschools and for well over 100,000 children have been to build up their confidence and encourage their abilities through messages of empowerment, musical engagement and creative interaction.

I have been fortunate enough to spend the last 13 years sharing music & drumming with some amazing groups of children from all types of ethnicity, backgrounds and cultures. I continue to learn from each one of them no matter what their economic, physical or emotional challenges might be. They have taught me to truly respect the universal language of music and have shown me how to use it as a tool for positive change in the world.

After working with over 25 different Volunteers of America sites throughout the State of California, it became apparent to me that their early education program is such a vital service to so many communities around the country. I believe that Volunteers of America is the perfect partner for Rhythm Child because we share a mutual goal of providing a sense of hope for America's children.

I have talked to the teachers, parents and supervisors about the things that their families need and I have witnessed how the children respond to new opportunities. Together we can show these children a simple way to discover a new love of learning which will aid them in an overall better academic performance.

My lifelong goal has always been to serve the children of the world in any way that I can so I feel blessed that I have found that way through my work with Rhythm Child by simply Developing Children’s Inspiration, Imagination & Motivation … One Beat at a Time. Join me by supporting Drum to Become and as a team we can provide equal opportunities in education for children everywhere.

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Call 310-575-9372 or send email to info@rhythmchild.net