Say It & Play It - Learning Rhythm Patterns Through Call & Response Interaction

Every child can have their own personal rhythm coach!

Say It & Play It is an Academics Choice™ Award-Winning interactive CD that takes simple word phrases and translates them into fun rhythm patterns. The collection is divided into 8 individual lessons that use a common drumming technique known as “call & response” and 8 corresponding play-a-long jams that allow for user repetition, improvisation and vocalization. Norm takes you through understanding each pattern step by step and then introduces a variety of special drums that will help you practice and jam along.

The benefits are wide-ranging, from confidence building to math to learning foreign languages. Say It & Play It helps teach and enhance skills such as following directions, sequencing, eye-hand coordination, and practicing use of both hemispheres. Listening to the music enhances health, relaxation and mental stimulation, spatial temporal reasoning, and improves memory. Listening to the CD should also improve performance on test scores, including tests of spatial visualization, and abstract reasoning.

The Story Behind The Music

I remember very clearly how intimidating it was as a child to learn music. I had older kids telling me that I had no talent. I had teachers telling me that I had no aptitude. I had myself telling me that I wasn’t serious enough to be any good. All of these things stopped me from learning an instrument in the traditional way when I was young, but nothing could stop me from finding my own expression of the music that was inside of me.

Despite not learning proper theory and notation, I followed my hidden passion after graduating from high school and have been a professional musician for nearly 30 years. The key to my longevity in music has been the ability to listen to and understand rhythms. I developed a keen sense of timing and a notable feel for playing with others. I believe that these relatively simple skills are essential to a child’s musical confidence and creativity. More importantly, these attributes have also been proven to lead to a greater chance for success in other areas of life.

From the beginning, the idea for this project has always been to provide children, parents & teachers with an opportunity to play drums together using simple language … if you can say it, then you can play it.