The Ants Go Marching - Live In The Sudio

This 5 song EP was recorded live in the studio during the winter of 2013. Norm & guitarist Daniel Krieger perform the songs as a dynamic duo in the same way as they do playing around Southern California except without the accompaniment of the other 100 banging “band mates”. This is your chance to be a part of the band; grab a drum and jam along.

Rhythm Child Ants Go Marching Slideshow

The Story Behind The Music

After 30 years of being a lead singer & percussionist in Reggae & Ska bands, I feel like I have mastered the art of playing intensely syncopated rhythms with my hands while simultaneously delivering soulful & passionate vocal melodies. This recording shows how those two elements take center stage in all Rhythm Child performances. Because most Rhythm Child shows are interactive and include masses of children playing enthusiastically along with the band, the idea initially was to just capture another live show in the isolation of a studio environment. While Daniel & I ran through a short set of some of our fan favorite renditions from the Rhythm Child Interactive Show, all of the energy and inspiration poured out into the music just like we were on stage.

After performing the set once (and only once) I sat down with Heather to answer a few questions about the music and the creative origin of Rhythm Child songs. Heather hadn’t planned on doing the interview but she proved to be the perfect host for our radio show format. She & I sat down with the tape running and talked about all kinds of things … including a segment on the relevance of Bob Marley to the music of Rhythm Child. Portions of the interview have been layered between songs to form a interesting collection of inspiration and insight.

The production of this EP is nothing fancy and its rawness is intentional, but the emotion and intensity is priceless. For those lucky enough to attend a Rhythm Child Concert, the performances serve as a reminder of Norm’s spirit. For those that have yet to experience a show, the CD initiates the listener into a world of powerfully positive music.