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Unusual Animals A-Z

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Award winning Unusual Animals A-Z is quirky, imaginative, educational and just plain fun. Whether it's Andre the aardvark or Zena the zorilla, each of these twenty-six unusual animals is introduced to the reader with a colorful watercolor painting and a factual characteristic. While Bernie the bearded dragon likes to bask in the sun, Morris the manatee uses his small front flippers and massive body to body surf through the waves. Each animal has the same lettered name and when the reader reaches the end, he has twenty-six chances to come up with one of his own.

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Adventures of Unusual Animals

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As a 2019 Academic's Choice Award Winner, this latest edition of the "Unusual Animals" series is a wacky, jam-packed journey that entices readers to flip faster to the next whimsical tale. "Adventures of Unusual Animals" delights both young and old with stories of captivating characters like Ulysses the uana, Izzy the ibex and Nico the narwhal from Norway. Each page also includes a glossary full of fun alliterations & new words to discover.

Get ready to marvel, chuckle and ignite your imagination!



These fun play-a-long videos were created in collaboration with REMO Drums & Percussion.

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Rhythm Child & Remo Drums

Exercise Our Brains with Rhythm has been designed for a child,a group of children, or a family. Encourage social, physical and intellectual development with this hands-on, sensory accessible rhythm and music activity. Designed to bring the whole family or class together for fun! Packed with learning opportunities, use it to reinforce primary color recognition, reading, counting, rhythm development, motor skills,teamwork, and fun!

Each Play-A-Long Video has 3 Drum Parts (and an extra toe tapping part too!)

Learn a part & then play along with the song video.