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07 November 2009,

I'm teaching preschool full time now, and MUSIC is a fun and exciting part of our play time.

I have two children in my class who excitedly ask me every day if we can turn on the music.

Once I oblige, they dance and scamper about with some nice flowing scarves that I added to the home corner of the class. We also like to play "freeze dance" and other musical movement games. During snack time, I pick a relaxing sound track to serenade us as we eat. Music is a welcome part of my school day, and of course as the adult present, I want the music to have appeal for the children but not drive me crazy with kiddie-ness. Thankfully, these days, quality children's tunes abound! Eat A Bowl Of Cherries, from Rhythm Child, is (naturally) infused with rhythm and dance-inducing. I am one of those Mamas who has a basket of percussion instruments right in our living room. My brother is a musician (and a drummer too), and I want to give my children an outlet for their musical talent (hey, sometimes these things are genetic.) So we love the songs on Eat A Bowl Of Cherries!Shaker Song, perfect, we have a shaker! Riding On The Bus, Deeds is my resident bus fanatic! 'Misunderstandings', what do you mean? (Haha!) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, will this word indeed make me sound precocious? Or just weird? Bowl Of Cherries, the title track, is also included on Putumayo Picnic Playground, another favorite around here.

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