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Picnic Playground


Putumayo has, once again, delivered another joyous half hour of children's music. Picnic Playgrounddeliciously serves up a dozen songs about food from around the world. American musician Jay Mankita's opening song, the James Taylor-esque "Eat Like a Rainbow," sets the tone. Pascal Parisot sings a wonderfully playful song in French about how everything in his house is organic; his food, his drink, even his parents. Jose Conde with Ola Fresca celebrates his favorite dish in the Cuban salsa of "Bolitas de Arroz con Pollo." There is a brilliant steel drum flavored song about "Ice Cream" from Trinidad's Asheba; a quirky little song about the joy of tasting different foods in "Go-tez-les" from Franck Monnet of France, and some Dannish reggae from the band Safari, who sings of a rare delicacy: peppered pelican. Elsewhere, the South African vocal group Kheswa sings a lilting song about going to the market, while the American group Rhythm Child rock out with their song "Bowl of Cherries," and the Australia group Bomba sing their Caribbean influenced song about tomatoes "Pomodoro" in English and Italian. American singer Johnny Bregar even offers up a great swing rendition of the old forties hit "Shoo Fly Pie," and Canadian singer Maggie G. cooks up a great song called "Let's Bake Cookies." The collection ends with a magnificently silly, horn fueled, Ska song about milk, sung in German by the band Donikkl. The CD comes with a hallmark Putumayo booklet that describes the background of each song and performer; full lyrics are available online.

Lahri Bond - 2009 Parents' Choice