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Hi I’m Bailey and I am the original Rhythm Child. I’m 13, in the 8th Grade @ Paul Revere Middle School and I love basketball. I studied singing with Aaron Nigel Smith & the Palisades Children’s Choir when I was younger, I’m in my 2nd year of playing Bassoon in the school orchestra and I learned to play Djembe from my Dad.

1. What is the best book that I ever read? Jesse Owens Biography

Jesse Owens Biography

2. What is my favorite movie? … I could watch it forever!


3. What is a song that inspires me?

Push, Lenny Kravitz

4. Who are my 3 favorite musicians or groups?

Bruno Mars, Jackson 5, Bob Marley

5. What was one of the best shows or concerts that I ever experienced?

Ziggy Marley at The Greek with surprise guest Damien Marley

6. Who is my favorite athlete?

Chris Paul

7. Where is one of my favorite places to visit?

Hawaii or Lake Tahoe

8. What is one of my favorite things to do?

Play Basketball

9. What is the coolest thing I ever saw in Nature?

A tree in Tahoe shaped like a camel

10. What was one of my best Rhythm Child memories of the last 10 years?

Playing at The White House and meeting the President and First Lady

11. What is my favorite song from any Rhythm Child CD?

Everybody is the One