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Growing up at the beach & mountains, I gained an enormous appreciation for the power and beauty of nature. Mixed with the importance of education and the significance of family, I believe my fate was predetermined. I would be driven to succeed and create yet thrive on the feelings and motivation provoked by Mother Nature. My education allowed me to travel abroad, make lifelong friends, understand the pressure of structured learning, and greatest of all…meet Norm! Our love of music and dedication to each other was exciting and unifying and so our creative journey began. Studying Theater and English translated to pursuing acting and writing which still are the foundations of who I am. Co-creating and developing Rhythm Child and a family at the same time was an undertaking I had no idea I was capable of, yet I have embraced the challenge and feel unbelievably proud of having an impactful family business for ten years! Still completely inspired by all of nature’s wonders, I ultimately want to incorporate that passion into the next ten years. As of now, you can mostly find me behind the scenes, but occasionally Norm or my boys call me up on stage to share the magic…I feel blessed and couldn’t be happier!!

1. What is the best book that I ever read?

Gift from the Sea, Anne Morrow Lindbergh

2. What is my favorite movie? … I could watch it forever!

The Wizard of Oz

3. What is a song that inspires me?

Sacrifice, Sinead o connor

4. Who are my 3 favorite musicians or groups?

The Beatles, Bob Marley, Lenny Kravitz

5. What was one of the best shows or concerts that I ever experienced?

Reggae Festival with Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru and Aswad

6. Who is my favorite athlete?

Bailey and Andre Jones

7. Where is one of my favorite places to visit?

California’s Central Coastline

8. What is one of my favorite things to do?

Spend the day at the beach

9. What is the coolest thing I ever saw in Nature?

The immensity of a blue whale out at sea

10. What was one of my best Rhythm Child memories of the last 10 years?

Performing at The White House and meeting the First Family!

11. What is my favorite song from any Rhythm Child CD?

Riding on the bus