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This section is for anyone who is interested in supporting the efforts of Rhythm Child. We hope you choose to join us on our mission of inspiring & developing young minds.

Here you will find a complete overview of what The Rhythm Child Network is all about. Please feel free to use this information in any way that is useful.

We provide recorded music, concerts, workshops, training, school activities and interactive learning curriculum. The Rhythm Child Network is especially suited to aide adults who care about the future of young children.

The Rhythm Child Mission

Hello my name is Norm Jones & I'd like to welcome you to The Rhythm Child Network! Rhythm Child is a family-run music and education company based in Los Angeles & I've been traveling all over the State of California for the last 12 years drumming with young children as a way of encouraging creative engagement.

Science has proven that music plays a vital role in the development of early learners & I believe that drumming gives children an easily accessible entry point into the power of that potential.

I know how to help children reach that point through a simple and fun musical interaction and I have been fortunate enough to introduce it to thousands of children every year. But I want to do more!

My true mission is to share this tool of engagement with millions of children under the age of 6!

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The Music of Rhythm Child


Rhythm Child - Eat A Bowl Of Cherries

A ground-breaking offering from Award winning songwriter Norman Jones & his band Rhythm Child, gives little-ones a hefty taste of soul and a big dose of positive vibes. Featuring 10 high-energy songs with uplifting messages for kids, Eat a Bowl of Cherries is a must for families that like to...

00Kindie Reggae Cover.jpg

Rhythm Child - Kindie Reggae

I can honestly say that this album represents me 100%. My intentions were to express ideas that can benefit & entertain families of every culture for years to come. Reggae Music has a universal language and it allows positive vibrations to resonate in a person’s soul. It has been that way...

Ants-Cover400 copy.jpg

Rhythm Child - The Ants Go Marching

This 5 song EP was recorded live in the studio during the winter of 2013. Norm & guitarist Daniel Krieger perform the songs as a dynamic duo in the same way as they do playing around Southern California except without the accompaniment of the other 100 banging “band mates”. This is your...

Drum Circle CD cover.JPG

Rhythm Child - Drum Circle Sing-A-Long

Jammy Put On - John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize Winner (Children’s Category)

Learn From Nature - Children’s Music Web Award (Best Song for Pre-School)

Bird & The Dragon - John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalist (Children’s Category) &...


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