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Providing Engaging Opportunities for Learning, Creativity & Collaboration


Rhythm Child is an established brand working with entertainment, education and social organizations

Rhythm Child creates award-winning children's music that is endorsed by parent & academic communities

Norm Jones has 15 years of experience in the classroom serving more than 100,000 children under the age of 6

Norm Jones is a sought after speaker for thousands of parents & teachers looking for ways to connect with children

Norm Jones & Rhythm Child received recognition from Former First Lady Michelle Obama for service to families from across the Nation


Rhythm Child's Drum to Become Early Child Development Program, in partnership with Volunteers of America, is addressing the need for equal opportunities in early education and bringing a different learning environment to frequently under-served communities.


There are over 2 million children receiving government funded Head Start or Public Pre-K educational instruction. With such a large number being served, the budgets of funding agencies are restricted to basic necessities and don’t allow for many ancillary tools of development. Because the money is being stretched as far as it can go, both children and teachers at the centers desperately need additional resources to keep up with the escalating standards of education in other communities.


The objective is to provide funding for 25 Volunteer of America centers in Los Angeles County that currently work with Rhythm Child and eventually make the program available everywhere else in California, as well as the rest of the United States.


Rhythm Child creates an environment where children have the freedom to learn through their own perceptions. The children willingly participate in a fun musical activity while they unknowingly develop key life skills that will better prepare them for the future.