Drum Circle Sing-A-Long - Original Soul For Children

The original sound that started it all! Originally released in 2003, Drum Circle Sing-A-Long is filled with both Award-winning original songs and memorable renditions of some of our "sing-a-long" favorites. This CD gives you the opportunity to share in the creativity with your child while singing, dancing, playing or just listening. Families and schools all over the country are using these songs for group stimulation and musical interaction. There are also 2 instrumental grooves included to encourage everyone to create there own songs.

  • John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize Winner (Children’s Category)
  • Children’s Music Web Award (Best Song for Pre-School)
  • #1 on Sirius/XMKids Radio

The Story Behind The Music

Back in 2002, after searching the marketplace for music that our 2 year old son Bailey could interact with, I started adapting common children's songs into funky, grooving, drum based sing-a-longs for the whole family to jam.

My friend Duane’ and I were playing gigs together and I asked him if he could help me record some of this music. The resulting collection of tunes turned into what would become the first version of Drum Circle Sing-A-Long. After a year or so, we thought it would be a good idea to go back into the studio and re-vamp some of the songs to reflect our growing popularity and to update the CD artwork that was originally done by me at home on my computer. The 2nd version of Drum Circle Sing-A-Long was the one that garnered all of the awards and put Rhythm Child on the list of groundbreaking children's entertainers. In 2008 we redesigned the artwork one more time to give it a more "retail-friendly" look and re-mastered the songs again to help them hold-up in comparison to other commercial releases. We were getting a lot of airplay on XMKids so we wanted the sound to sonically match everything else that they played. We didn't change much. We really just made it louder. Because it was first conceived as a drum & vocal record, we decided to stay close to our original approach and keep the raw sound at the forefront of the new mixes.

Parents & teachers all over the country have written us to share their experiences with this music. Melodically, there is something that connects with everyone on Drum Circle Sing-A-Long, while the drums and layered vocals provide an additional element that appeals to a more in depth passion for rhythm & soul. On every track Duane’ & I made sure that we kept the vibe inspiring and positive, yet playful. Even the sad tones of a song like "Kumbaya" are delivered with an uplifted spirit. This was a true joy to work on and I am thrilled to look back and see the progression of our sound.

Musician & Writing Credits

Produced by Duane’ Neillson & Norman Jones

All songs written and arranged by Norman Jones except

"This Little Light", "5 Little Monkeys", "Kumbaya", & "How Much Farther" (Adapted from "Clementine")

2008 The Rhythm Child Network

Norman Jones (vocals, djembe, shakers, doumbek, congas, loops)

Duane’ Neillson (guitar, bass, keys, loops)

Engineered, Edited & Mixed by Duane’ Neillson @ Neillson Music Group Studio